Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ain’t got no time for western medicine

Well this is weird…

I’m about to do a post on Bournemouth’s heavy, heavy My Broken 101, when I find this video on their Myspace:

My Broken 101

I’ve posted about this band before (here, in fact), and promptly forgotten about them. It’s always good to know, however, that bands somehow manage to carry on without my patronage.

The 101 seem to have sharpened their feedbacky, Krautrocky credentials and crank out a fair old noise these days, gaining plaudits on the way, by all accounts (not to mention a gig with Damo Suzuki).

They have an EP out on Saturday released by Apollolaan Recordings and a number of gigs on the way (see their Myspace). There’s also an interview with the band there.

Not available on their EP, is this track:

More – My Broken 101

Not sure how old it is but it’s still up on their Myspace, so I’m guessing it’s fairly current. There’s also this video, released by Apollolaan, to accompany the EP, which is worth a watch…

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