Saturday, March 07, 2009

He is not appreciated

Anyone got a collection of Hardy novels on their shelf they’ve been meaning to read?

Actually, I’ve read a good few Hardy novels, and morbidly rewarding experiences they are too.

I do have a stack of Fall CDs cluttering up Media Monkey, though, and I feel the time is right…


Cole said...

That line-up of The Fall was the best band in the world. Just watching that clip makes me weep salt tears of joy.

Sweeny said...


To be honest I feel more than a little smug to have finally "got" the Fall.

I'm loving This Nation's Saving Grace, and parts of Hex Enduction Hour. I already knew Frenz Experiment. What would you recommend next?

Cole said...

TNSG remains this punter's favourite Fall album. The mid-80s output is strong and I love Bend Sinister from 1986 (on spotify) which I always mentally pair with The Frenz Experiment. Code:Selfish is a favourite too. Grotesque is splendid and contains the mighty New Face in Hell. My knowledge of the newer stuff is not so robust.