Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hear the nightjars sing across the night...

Because I have the attention span of a butterfly, my CD collection is full of single albums by bands, and relatively few second, third or fourth albums. I am far from a completist.

One of the obvious consequences of such profligacy is that artists and albums disappear from my radar pretty quickly, but then imagine the feelings of pleasant surprise when I rediscover the same artists. And this was almost literally the case with today’s band.

Loudmouth Soup

Apparently, I covered Loudmouth Soup way back in the heady days of March ’06. I say “apparently” because I had completely forgotten I’d done so, and only picked it up when I came across them again on Myspace, went to their website and found my own review there on their site. A touch embarrassing, eh? (A bit rubbish, really.) But then again, I prefer to think of it as a kind of double endorsement of the band. After all I’ve been impressed by them not just once...

Anyway, Loudmouth Soup are from Leeds and have a bit of a history, including a self-financed single and an appearance on a Channel 4 show. Reading between the lines, I get the feeling that they are at a bit of crossroads at the moment, having recently missed out on a record deal. Well if it means anything, fellers, I think these new tracks are better than the old ones.

Since my last visit, there are three extra tracks on the Myspace page, all of which are classy slices of country rock and general good timey sounds. The Boatman is a particular grower, with some beautiful keyboard decorations and a great fade out, involving pedal steel, banjo and a really cool organ sound. A lovely record.

When You Dream

The Boatman

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