Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Found Out (yeah , I know...)

The Pigeon Detectives

Bit of a first for me, in that one of the bands I’ve mentioned (albeit only in passing) have this made it into the BBC charts. Oh yes, Leeds’ Pigeon Detectives whom I saw support Milburn a couple of weeks ago have just this week charted at number 39, with “I Found Out”. Congrats all round…

Just last night, before I realised that they were in fact real pop stars, I was listening to a couple of tracks by the Pigeons and thought maybe I’d passed over them a bit quick before. It’s good jerky punkish pop, and in the best traditions, it’s all over within two minutes. Good work fellers!

The single is now freely available (yes, in real shops) and the video to “I Found Out” is also out on YouTube, and if I can get it right, I’ll embed it here too. There’s also a track available for free download from the band’s Myspace page, and here it is…

Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye

I Found Out


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