Monday, December 04, 2006

In a heartbeat, I’ll be there for you.

Got to get this done quickly, or this feller will get in first. (I don’t know why I hyperlinked that – don’t under any circumstances click on that link until you’ve read this…).

Went to the Guildhall with Martin last night to see the much vaunted Boy Kill Boy, another in the recent run of decent gigs that we seem to be getting out here. Had a good time, although to be honest Boy Kill Boy were pretty ordinary. They didn’t really seem to click with what was a full house, although they did have their moments (a rousing version of “Suzie” was about the highlight of the set.) It was all kind of summed up by the way a house full of sweaty Gloucester students (plus a couple of more mature concert goers) sauntered out of the hall at a rather modest ten o’clock, not really that fussed about the encore business. To be honest, I think everyone was happy to nip off for a quick beer before home…

A bit of a disappointment, but it does give me an opportunity to plug a terrific post from Burning World, which makes available some of the sets from last month’s London Calling festival in Amsterdam. I recommend the sets by the Holloways and Milburn. There’s also a great one from new Partly Porpoise favourites the Pigeon Detectives.

VPRO are also streaming parts of some of the other sets from the festival, including a rather better effort from Boy Kill Boy, here. Yeah, that hat. He wore it last night as well…


I do have something for you, though, in that support band Magnetic turned out to be a more than decent bunch, playing a really good set, that could have gone on longer to be honest. It was all the more commendable in that I was told that they’d stepped in at short notice, the previous support band having ill-advisedly dissed Boy Kill Boy on stage and then helped themselves to the rider backstage. Phew rock ’n’ roll, eh?

Can’t find out much about Magnetic, even their Myspace page takes a bit of digging around for. There are a couple of tracks for streaming there, and this rather fine track for download. Farfisa organ, another sound I’m a real sucker for…

On the Other Side - Magnetic

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