Sunday, October 08, 2006

Things that I’m getting from you I can live without

I got an email from Richard aka Goldmundo to let me know that he’d been to see Davy Graham (about which I am very jealous) and that John Renbourne had been in the audience (yeah, jealous about that too), which reminded me that I was going to investigate and share some of the other projects he’s involved in.

The Gokarnas

One of these projects is The Gokarnas, an Indie three-piece from Lancaster, who specialise in fast and fuzzy pop songs in the well-mined-but-still-rich Stooges / Sonic Youth vein. It’s good stuff, actually, and I’m looking forward to the CD they have coming out soon. Your never too old, Richard!

There are four tracks available for streaming on their Myspace page, one of which is this rather wild, catchy number:

Mr King of the World – The Gokarnas

The Gokarnas kind of remind me of Ripchord, so I visited their Myspace page to see if there was any news, and sure enough there are a bunch of new tracks available there.

None of them are quite as good as Terrible Thing, (which still buzzes around my head regularly), but they’re pretty good and well worth downloading – chock full of ba-ba-ba-ba as ever!

If you go to their Myspace page they also have quite a regularly updated blog there including a load of photos of the sessions they have apparently being doing with Ian Broudie, and also detailing the frustration of touring duties being interrupted by A-level revision(!) Ho hum..

Lock Up Your Daughters – Ripchord

Shoot You Down – Ripchord

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