Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Working up a sweat .. Bringing out the worst in me...

Honestly, this finding new music malarkey is just a piece of piss sometimes!


There I am, feeling vaguely guilty that I’ve not posted anything recently and idly shuffling through the pages of Myspace. I decide to do a search based on the Silver Jews and there we go, the first band I come upon are this lot – Absentee from London. Fantastic stuff, nice’n’noisy, lots of guitars and brass and very distinctive growly vocals.

I’m feeling lucky, so I look them up on Emusic and yep, there they are, new album “Schmotime” and I’ve downloaded it within seconds. Surely it shouldn’t be this easy? Do I miss the days of listening to Peel with a notebook to hand and then scouring the racks of Driftin’ or Backstage Pass? Not a whole lot really…

Of course, after doing a quick scour through the blogs, it turns out my not really breaking any new ground here. Absentee have been pretty much picked up on by most of the good blogs, and Schmotime has been favourably reviewed by NME.

Their website is kinda fun but their Myspace page is better, partly because it has the one track I am posting here, plus three others streaming, but also because of the regularly updated blog on there which makes I laff…

Whats up with everyone knowing how to use chopsticks???When did you all
learn???You must have all taken classes in that three months when i wore a
bucket on my head as a dare.
Something to Bang

There's also this, a rather neat Youtube video of Absentee's next single, We Should Never Have Children, which has been created by Babak from the band.

If I have manage to embed this correctly, it represents something of a triumph for, as anyone who read the recent Vijay Kishore post / shambles will agree with...

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