Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Bit of an Update


Flipron have a new album out which seems to have drawn a few decent reviews from the Great and the Good (and the Daily Telegraph). As far as I can see, only one other blog has written about this lot yet, and although Partly Porpoise was actually there first (for once), this site has coined the perfect phrase for Flipron's sound - Goofy.

Damn, I wish I'd though of that!

According to the myspace page anyway, Flipron have some sort of limited offer thingie going on with the album:

If you wish to order it we can do no better than to direct you to our
patrons & sponsors at Tiny Dog records. The first 50 copies bought from this
website will be in limited edition, hand-made, hand-drawn slipcases signed by
the cover artist, Dylan Schoone, the musicians & producer. A number of these
have already been purchased in pre-sales but there are still some available for
the prompt purchaser. Make haste to this website

(It's also available on eMusic...)

There a couple of tracks from the record available on their Myspace page. They're both pretty good actually and are well worth listening to.

Clockwork Blues

Man Eaten by a Pie

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