Thursday, October 05, 2006

I don’t know why I even try..

Feeling a bit of a dope today, as I realised last night that I kinda missed a trick a while ago.

Way back in June, I received one of the few comments I get on my posts from a feller called Gav at Letterbox Records, plugging a band called the Arrogants. Now I think I’ve said before that I completely welcome this sort of thing because it makes me feel like a real blogger, right at the source of the creative stream, etc. Fingers, pulses, you get the message.

So anyway, I ignored the post for about 3 months, as you do, and then suddenly found it (to the sound of a great big “Doh”, in my head). And you can see where this is going, right? The tracks are pretty good and a quick search on Hype Machine will show you that they have been extensively shared in the Blogging community. For God’s sake, man, pay attention!

The Arrogants

Anyway, the Arrogants are made up of three McFerson brothers (Jayd, Jeffrey and Jon), Billy Pena and singer Jana Heller, and seem to have been around for a good few years. They have this 23 (count’em) track CD for sale at the very tempting price of £7 from Letterbox, which also includes a DVD to go with it. Intriguingly they say the album should be treated as three quite different EPs - or was originally three different EPs, I wasn’t clear on this – one poppy, one moody, one mellow. And of course, half the fun is working out which is which. As if this wasn’t generous enough, there are at least seven tracks free to download from the Letterbox site. What a generous bunch!

I’m posting one track which must surely be from their poppy side, and another which I’m guessing comes from their moody side. I’m sure they’ll let me know if I’ve got it all wrong…

Cool shoes

Don’t Be So Cynical

Sorry, Gav...

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks for the love. We appreciate it a lot. 2 more songs here --

Take it easy!
The Arrogants