Sunday, October 01, 2006

Time Will Tell On You

(By “I’m on it”, you understood that to mean you’d hear nothing for another two weeks, right?)

(I dunno, I followed the FAQs and did what it said, but I’m buggered if I can manage to embed Vijay Kishore’s MyTube video into these pages. Someone, somewhere is probably chuckling to themselves about this… Anyway, here’s the link, it’s great.)

I have got something new to share and it’s kinda cool…

Basque Dub Foundation

Proudly proclaiming the fact that they released the first ever dub album from Spain, the Basque Dub Foundation (BDF) do indeed come originally from the Basque Country but are now base in London. It’s probably a little easy to poke fun at the idea of a roots & dub band coming out of mainland Europe, but actually it makes some sense in a Commitments sort of way (“The Irish are the Blacks of Europe”), and their attitude to roots reggae is spot on, concentrating on a live sound and are apparently able to produce their studio sound on stage with some accuracy. On top of this, BFD seem to have some sort of real pedigree amongst those that would know, and have worked with Sugar Minott and U Brown, plus a host of other names that were not familiar to me.

More importantly, it’s great Tubby-esque righteous stuff. Well worth the wait, I say. Here are two of the three tracks available from their Myspace page.

Ministerio del Dub

Judgement Time

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