Sunday, April 25, 2010

It was a pleasure meeting you. What's your name?

I’m turning into an irritable old bugger…

I’m breaking my recent gig fast next weekend by making a trip over to Bristol and catching the venerable, if barking, reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, his first gigs in this country for a good few years (seven I think).

So I thought I’d put together a little mix of some my favourite tracks by the old nutter and had started work on this. But then having mentioned it to some of the cronies I stand next to at The Home of Rugby, it became clear that everybody has their own Upsetter favourites, and that as his output is just massive, we all knew albums that the others didn’t.

So, anyway, I’m thinking I’ll use the iTunes Genius function to throw up a few random Upsetter gems.

And that’s when it all went pear-shaped…

I won’t go into details, suffice to say a combination of a new computer, lost passwords and bloody iTunes made it all very frustrating… The air was blue…

Anyway, here’s a fairly random Upsetter Lucky Seven, which ideally will introduce you to seven new (and appropriately goofy) insights into the mind of a fine old Jamaican eccentric.

Hold of Death (title track of a 1993 album)

The Dragon Enters (from Kung Fu Meets the Dragon)

Django Shoots First (a single I think, I have it on Bashment)

Santa Clause (from Repentance)

Having a Party (from Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered

Black Bat (No idea where from originally, but I have it on an album called Original bass)

Noah Sugar Pan (from Heart of the Congos)

Upsetter Lucky Seven

Here’s a video of an interview the man did in Austen, which made me chuckle…

Of course, as more than one person has pointed out to me, the whole gig could go very wrong …

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