Friday, August 28, 2009

Green Man 2 – Good manners cost nothing

So, if Hawkwind were the last and slightly silliest act of Green Man, today I’ve got some recordings for you from a band who were undoubtedly the politest young men of the whole weekend - in fact they were chief exponent of a trend that was a bit of a feature of the whole festival, The Polite American.

Grizzly Bear

As I say, one of the features of Green Man was of Americans playing their hearts out on stage and then thanking us the audience for the privilege of doing so. Grizzly Bear thanked us all in between songs as did Bon Iver and also Beachouse, and I have to say I rather like this. Don’t mention it, fellers.

I’ll admit I waver when it comes to listening to Grizzly Bear, sometimes I love their brittle rather awkward folky sound, and other times I just can’t be arsed with it. But from the moment the four lads came onstage I was very impressed with their ability to play what I think are quite complex songs, without losing anything to the live experience. They didn’t rock out or produce a completely different onstage sound, instead they really went for it. And I loved it; in fact if I’m honest, I had a bit of a “Ah-I-totally-get-this-now” moment. It sounded beautiful, and was by general consensus one of the better sets of the weekend.

I have only two tracks, I’m afraid, but they’re both pretty good.



Two Weeks

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