Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm not coming back...

A couple more sets from Green Man. Compare and contrast…

Roky Erickson

I’ve always been a big Thirteenth Floor Elevators fan, and so the news that Roky Erickson himself was coming to Green Man was pretty exciting. Kind of similar to the time when another alien from the Sixties. Arthur Lee, turned up at the Guildhall a couple of years ago. Watching his set I couldn’t help but be excited by the fact a genuinely legendary figure from psychedelic history was performing in front of me. This was probably what kept me going through the whole set because the comparisons with Arthur Lee stopped pretty abruptly as soon as a rather portly gent with grey beard shuffled uncertainly onto the stage. In truth he was pretty poor (“moribund” was Martin’s phrase), escorted through a series of uninspiring blues rock standards, by a band of younger zealots, none of the songs being Elevators ones..

It was a shame really, but there was a sort of reward for my dumb perseverance in that his last song was the Elevators’ classic You’re gonna miss me. Again not perfect, and sadly short of an electric jug, but, hey, I saw him do it…

And now you can too!

Far from perfect, I know, but the man himself.

I’ve got a couple of recordings of the set too, the first being one of the standards, Two Headed Dog. (Actually it‘s worth pointing out that a lot of the audience were loving his other songs and I’ve a feeling he has a bit of a reputation for his late seventies Cramps-style horror rock catalogue.)

Two Headed Dog

You’re Gonna Miss Me


So anyway, having left the main stage after this set I had a hankering to get me some real songs so I wandered over to the Pub stage and caught most of a wonderful folk set by husband and wife pair, Megson.

After a bit of an overdose of, y’’know, rock, it was a real pleasure to hear some folk songs, well-crafted and simply performed. They were enchanting and quite a palate-cleanser.

Inexplicably I spent the weekend, referring to them as The Megsons, and presumably everyone was too polite to correct me in this a mistake which I carried into the dubbing the video I shot. I’m afraid I only spotted this rather crass error after I had uploaded the video. My apologies…

Again, I made some recordings which have turned out pretty well. I strongly recommend them…

Working Town

Four Pence a Day

Take Yourself a Wife

Oh Mary Will You Go

Megson have two albums available here, and I really like the sound of the samples. I shall be getting them…

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Anonymous said...

Check out the Evil One, that's what the most of the music was from. Also see the You're gonna miss me doc and everything will become clear.