Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Smear Your TV with Honey...

Just some quick catch-up stuff at the moment, although I promise to be back with some more music very soon...

Fuzzface have contacted me to say that there new single is out now (in fact for a couple of weeks, if truth be told...). Intriguingly titled "Not Now I'm in a Hot Tub", it's got that grinding Small Faces organ sound that made me pick them out in the first place. You can buy it from iTunes and you can hear it at their Myspace page. good effort boys!

Additional Moog have also e-mailed to let me know that their new single, "Four Track Soul" is available for download, currently for free from their Myspace page. And believe me it's a cracker, a really excellent, laid back Americana track, with shades of Wilco and loads of Byrds-y guitar work (I know, I'm doing that defining-bands-by-other-bands, lazy journalism thing that I complain about in other Blogs...). Really beautiful stuff anyway. I'd say buy it, but you don't have to! Snag it.

The track I have posted here was passed onto me by the excellent Letterbox Records, and comes from a rather fine French band called Watoo Watoo (nope. No idea...) who have the sort of sugary sound that I don't always go for, but today, it's all good (especially the jazzy keyboards).

They have a website that is rather thin on detail about the band but is absolutely choc-full of free downloads. In fact they have rather nobly made their first two CDs available for free download, and I'm currently wading through some rather colourful French indipop... Nice stuff.

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