Saturday, March 06, 2010

You’ve got a rabbit in your hat! You’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve!

My blogging chum and I are becoming increasingly infatuated by the ever-enjoyable Classic Albums Podcast – basic format: two fellers talk about records they lent to each other. A simple format but a winning one, that I wish I’d thought of myself – although I doubt my ability to carry it off in such an affable and urbane fashion. I look forward to each new edition and am gradually working my way through the back catalogue.

One of the ideas Gary and Steven have got me thinking about is the idea of a record having space - quieter moments in which ideas can grow and take hold. I like the notion that the listener needs the occasional pause in proceedings in order to gather his thoughts – a metaphorical parting of clutter as he picks his way across the room and onto the bed.

The Soft Pack

Anyway, I’ve just bought myself the eponymous first album from California’s The Soft Pack, and I’m afraid Gary and Steven would be disappointed. Basically, there’s no space, none at all, not a second to catch your breath at all. Ten bursts of punchy, Garage Punky, sixties fun (there’s even what sounds like a Farfisa organ, God’s choice of keyboard, I feel) and all of it delivered with bursts of youthful energy and exclamation. It’s catchy, exhilarating stuff that you’ll either love or find utterly empty-headed. Or maybe both.


And there!

Bought the record at the height of Ofsted fever, during the week (and yes, as your asking, it was fine, thank you), but now in the lavish post-Ofsted position of being able to read magazines and browse cool websites at my leisure, I find that pretty much everyone’s (Everyone) all over this already.

Honestly, bees round a honey pot…

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Cole said...

ooohhhh...I think I might like these fellows. My kinda thing. Might 'be a lend' as Gary might say.