Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gotta keep on, keepin’ strong

It’s not a competition, of course it isn’t, (although I’ll admit to being secretly pleased that I do on occasion manage to beat my esteemed blogger-colleague and fellow shedhead to the punch…)

Anyway, probably just as well…

Primal Scream

Coming on for two weeks ago, my beloved Guildhall staged a bit of a coup, bagging indie-veterans and still by most standards fairly cool guitar slingers, Primal Scream on one of their warm-up gigs, preparing for an ATP affair (also, by now, in the past tense…). Haven’t been to the old place for a good while now, not having a taste for the procession of money-spinning (but god-awful) tribute bands that the bookers seem to be falling over themselves to engage. But you’ve got to say every now again, they do manage to pull something out of the bag…

No support band, which I was a bit put out about at the time, but it did allow for a good hour and half set from the Primals (the Screamers?). It was a good set too, full of noisy stompers and classic rockers – ticking all the boxes that Primal Scream do well. Gillespie is as white and as skinny as any rock’n’roller would aspire to be, Mani and the rest of the band as tight (and at the same time loose) as you want.

They weren’t helped by the fact that not once but twice the power went mid song, the second time during a rousing Movin’ On Up. Surely entitled to have a full-on hissy fit, to their eternal credit they ploughed on stoically, with Gillespie leading the audience singing until power was restored. Nice moment, really, captured here:

(Credit to ensutton, cheers!)

Another good evening, bringing my Autumn of music to a decent finale. I managed to record the gig, and offer it here minus one of the songs that fell foul to the power gremlins…

Can’t Go Back
Miss Lucifer
Country Girl
Burning Wheel
Necro Hex Blues
Kill All Hippies
Deep Hit of the Sun
Suicide Bomb
Swastika Eyes
Movin’ On Up
Rocks Off
And the whole gig in two .rar files...

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