Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every step I take, I think my feet are getting older

Some feller calling himself Devotional Hooligan has left a comment on an old post of mine about Green Man. Apparently the Robin Hitchcock recordings I made have gone down, and Mr Hooligan has asked for a re-up (I’ve got to stop watching quite so much of the Wire).

Couldn’t be happier to oblige, mate, and what’s more I found another recording, taken at the same event, of Mr Hitchcock singing Robin Williamson’s Chinese White.


I Can Hear the Grass Grow


River Man

Chinese White


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the RH tunes...

However, when you access the link to "Chinese White" you receive the link to "River Man"...

Any way to correctly post "Chinese White"?


Max said...

Thanks for compiling these!

Looks like the "Chinese White" link points to "River Man" again?

Sweeny said...

Sorry fellers! I think I've sorted it, although when I tried it none of my links are working anymore - I'm hoping this is just a Fileden glitch that will be put right tomorrow... I'll check back in then

devotionalhooligan said...

hiya mate
cheers for the effort but i can't access any of them... i use mediafire- which is free & you can post up to 100mb files.

the wire is for sure the dogs bollocks,i've been lending the boxsets from my local library over the past few months... finished watching series six awhile back.i've just got hired 'corner' which is done by the makers of the wire

hope you're well.

Sweeny said...

Right. I don't know why the fileden stuff has crashed again.

I've tried using mediafire before but it doesn't allow the Yahoo Media player to play it online - I don't understand why. Do you have any light you can shed?

In the meantime, I've posted a .RAR file (on Mediafire) for you to take all four tracks.

I've seen The Corner too (and am currently reading it too). I like it, but it's not The Wire which, in the words of Fat Curt "sure is the bomb!"

I won't give anything away but did you see this news story from 2007?

SPOILER: Don't click on it until you've finished The Corner!