Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nights were just too long, with all your children gone

Haven’t done one of these for a while.

Lucky Seven 12

I’ve heard some great songs of recent and I think that’s duly reflected in this month’s Lucky Seven – incidentally, I think this may be the first one without any Jamaican music at all. There is on the other hand a wonderful track by a Japanese musician called Shoukichi Kina. The track is “Jing Jing”, and it’s a delightfully demented slice of surf-Psychedelia from the other side of the world (in all senses of the word). You should listen to it.

I looked for a YouTube clip of it for a quite a while (and I’m sure one exists), but my Japanese is sadly not up to the task, and none of the other tracks by him are quite as off the wall. It comes from this album, on David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label. What a guy.

Anyway, I’ve dragged up this video from one of the other tracks on Lucky Seven number 12:

Lucky Seven 12

Twister – The Fall (Peel Session)
That’s Us / Wild Combination – Arthur Russell
California – Low
Jing Jing – Shoukichi Kina
Chicago (acoustic version) – Sufjan Stevens
Kettering – The Antlers
Just a Moment – George Danquah

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Cole said...

I was there the only time - EVER! - that The Fall played the song Twister in a live concert, almost exactly twenty-two years ago. Cheltenham Town Hall 22nd May 1987. I must investigate Low and Arthur Russell.