Tuesday, March 31, 2009

David Byrne at Colston Hall

So, here are a few tracks from the Colston Hall gig. I think they’ve come out OK and give a good flavour of the evening. Enjoy.

Strange Overtones

Houses in Motion


Born Under Punches

(The comments about Johnny Vegas during Houses in Motion are from Tom and concern the aforementioned buffoon...)


Ingo said...

thanks for these, was at concert in Duesseldorf Germany concert and had a great time :-)

JollyRogered said...

I'm getting a 404 on all of these - any chance you could upload them to a different file sharing service?
I was going to go to the Colston gig, but then heard he was doing The Big Chill, for which I'd already bought tickets - can't wait!

Sweeny said...

Have another go, I just tried it and it seemed ok...

If there's still a problem, do you want to give me an email address (which I won't publish) and I'll send them to you direct.

Have a good time at the Big Chill!