Saturday, October 04, 2008

By the time I'm clean this prairie will mean nothing to me

I’m not a big Tom Petty fan myself, and I’m guessing not many of us are these days. In fact it seems a rather strange name to drop in as one of your influences on your Myspace page. C’mon fellers!

But. I really like this lot.

The Lonelyhearts

The Lonelyhearts are two blokes who come from Iowa and California and who make some really haunting, Psychedelia-tinged records that also lean heavily on a kind of Burritos-esque country sound.

There are songs about addiction, loss and self loathing., and unsurprisingly the tempo is pretty slow and deliberate. It’s good music for Autumn really, fair bit of rain, fair bit of wind, all pretty desolate, if the truth be told. But I’m OK with that. Some times I’m quite happy listening to people whose outlook on life is considerably more miserable than my own. It all makes for a fascinating almost guilty listening pleasure. Even the promisingly named “This Year Is Shaping Up To Be Awesome” starts:

“The fountain dried up years ago.”

and finishes

“Put the cash in my hand, put the gun back in your pantsPut the car into gear, drive our love away from herePut the past in the groundThese everglades are haunted and I want them to burn down.

Don’t know why we even try…”

Wonderful. Olympic standard gloom...

New Virginia, Iowa


This Year Is Shaping Up To Be Awesome

The Lonelyhearts’ second album is available from Emusic here and includes a free track “Harlequin Bands” (there are a couple of other releases available there too). In fact, the Lonelyhearts are pretty generous in these increasingly mean-minded times with a good few other tracks available for free download from their website.

Pour yourself a drink and try to forget...
(Tom Petty, that is...)

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