Monday, January 08, 2007

Right There Black & White...

I’m not sure quite where I am with these tracks…

The Holloh

I went to see this band about 18 months ago at the Guildhall in Gloucester, and they were kind of OK, but I wasn’t especially blown away by them. As is my wont, I bought their CD (both of them in fact) and played it a bit, but then forgot it.

Going through the hard drive a couple of weeks ago I found a few extra tracks by this lot and they’re quite different. The tracks from the CDs sounded kind of standard heavy-ish pop, but the three tracks I found on my computer had much more of a garage punk feel to them, with good simple riffs and Pebbles-style guitar breaks. I really like them!

I know the Holloh are from Cheltenham, and are (how can I put this?) in the first flush of youth; I know they gig around Gloucester and Cheltenham fairly regularly; and I know that they have a couple of EPs out (Transit Express & Fallingundercarskills).

But I don’t know if the three tracks I’m posting here (the ones I really liked) are “new” Holloh or “old” Holloh… They’re all still available for download from here, so I’m guessing they’re not early demos…

I’m onto it and will find out for you… In the meantime, give these a listen.

Black and White


The Tango

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