Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Less a wall of sound, more a trellis…

(It’s such a great line, I couldn’t resist using it)

Edd Donovan

The regular reader of this blog (Hi, Kate!) may well have spotted that I find the old singer-songwriter somewhat problematic – they’re often so boring!

I like Edd, though, and having met him briefly at the Soft Hearted Scientist gig last month, I can say that he seems like a pretty decent bloke too. His songs are interesting enough to satisfy this impatient listener, and last time I saw him play he had the foresight to bring along another guitarist to compliment his own style, which made the performance fuller somehow.

The first track I’m putting up is “I had a dream” which was on the CD I bought last time he came to Gloucester, and I remember it standing out at the time. It also leads on to the point of this post, being that Edd Donovan is due to play at Acoustica on Friday. Myself and Josie will be there, and I am rather looking forward to it…

This track is available from Edd’s Myspace page, plus another rather catchy country jam called “A friend to see me through”.

I Had A Dream

The second track, here, is not really his strongest, I’d have to say, but in these pre-World Cup, will-he-be-fit days, it seems appropriate. Come on England, pull your pants up!

The England Song

(Actually, I reckon this track is just a John Barnes rap short of being a World Cup classic...)

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