Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Want You To Love Me

Caramel Jack

I found Caramel Jack on Myspace, whilst looking for bands that sound like Lambchop. I’ve listened to their tracks there so many times now that I couldn’t begin to tell you whether they do indeed sound like Kurt Wagner and team, but it’s a noble aspiration, I reckon.

The band are from Brighton and have as many as 13 members at different times according to their site. They have two albums available on karmadownload which have been well received, though I seem to have missed them completely. There’s a new album due out soon as well.

I’ve chosen “Lover of a Country Boy” because it’s such a haunting song, with a couple of beautiful breaks in the middle, which (now I come to think of it) do sound a little like Lambchop. I really like the use of strings throughout the song too – it’s a cracking record, and there are a couple others available to download from Myspace too.

They have a website too, which is beautifully illustrated with turn of the century photos, and which will have new tracks available to download soon.

Lover of a Country Boy

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